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Peter Kolodzienski Obituary, “Speedy Petey” EES, The 3rd Grader Has Sadly Passed Away

Peter Kolodzienski Obituary, Death – The Early Elementary School, and the third grade in particular, would want to use this occasion to remember their fellow student and friend, Peter Kolodzienski, as well as celebrate his life. Peter’s death came unexpectedly in the middle of the month of December in the year 2022.

Peter was an exceptional individual in every regard; he was a standout friend, classmate, and teammate, and he excelled academically as well. At the autumn of 2013, Peter took part in everyday football games during lunch recess with Mr. Whalen and his classmates. Peter’s friends and family began to refer to him as “Speedy Petey” due to the fact that he was so quick and had such a lovely stride. Peter’s lunchtime football buddies from third grade made the decision to give him the number 21 varsity jersey as a gift in celebration of his aspirations to one day play for the Panthers in a game.

Peter was passionate about John Deere tractors, making a lot of money, and scoring touchdowns in football games. Peter is a never-ending source of joy and goodwill to others. The name “Speedy Petey” will be remembered fondly for a very long time by those of us who work at EES as well as students who will graduate in the year 2032. This is a fantastic offer! Peter had a heart that was so soft and compassionate, and a lot of people are suffering from the absence of him because of that. What a wonderful deed to pay respect to his memory you have done! What a magnificent source of motivation this is! We would want to express our gratitude to the Ellsworth school district for taking the required actions to ensure that this endearing young man will be remembered for the rest of time.