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Maureen Blair Obituary, Maureen Blair Has Peacefully Passed Away

Maureen Blair Obituary, Death – Maureen Blair died peacefully at the place she had always considered her home, surrounded by the people she loved the most in the world. Her parents, Gerard Moore and Anita (Reilly) Moore, who were residing in Flint, Michigan at the time of her birth, welcomed her into the world on February 22nd.

Gary, her husband, recognizes her dedication and appreciates her present. She has three children, Daniel Blair, Emily Blair, and Erin Blair (Daniel Colwell), whom she adores and for whom she is a devoted mother. James Blair Colwell’s adoring grandmother, sometimes referred to as “Moninne.” Maureen’s parents, as well as her siblings Linda, Patrick, Michael, G. Timothy, Bernard, Dennis, Ann, Mary, and Matthew, will be able to carry on after her death. She is also survived by a huge number of devoted nieces and nephews who were nieces and nephews to her children.

Maureen had worked as a teacher, a quilt store owner, and a pastoral preacher, among other things, over the course of her life. She had done all of this while raising three wonderful children with her husband Gary, to whom she had been married for 37 years at the time of this sentence. Her life journey had already led her to 49 states and three different countries. She also made an everlasting mark on the lives of individuals all over the world and served as an inspiration to those who interacted with her.

Her legacy will carry on in perpetuity. She was able to fulfill a lifetime dream of hers by visiting her fifth continent for the first time this year. She was able to see the magnificent ruins of Machu Picchu while she was there. Maureen died in the comfort of her own home, surrounded by her family and friends, after a long and painful battle with illness. People who cared about her were there to support and soothe her during this tough time. We will miss her quick wit, endless inventiveness, and painstaking attention to detail, but until we are reunited again, we will continue to celebrate her legacy with love and delight. She will be greatly missed.