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Leonadus Yancey Obituary, Resident Of Oakland, Tennessee Has Sadly Passed Away Unexpectedly

Leonadus Yancey Obituary, Death – My father Lee Yancey died abruptly yesterday, as many know. This news has devastated us. This is brutal for everyone. Having trouble processing this. Dad and best friend. Since we can’t process this, more arrangements are needed. Thank you for reaching out. Please pray for my family.
Dad was the best. Lee Yancey was a gentle giant and the definition of man.

He was powerful. His father, husband, and brother were fantastic. He shared his infectious humor and smile constantly. Even when calling about nothing, he always wanted to talk. He made his family feel cherished and close. My earliest recollections of Dad carrying me over his shoulders as a kid at parades or air shows, working on the farm together, cooking steaks and having male conversation, and watching countless movies are all joyful ones. I used to brag about Dad’s size, temperament, and manliness as a kid and even now. My idol. Despite this, he was humble. He needed little. He was happy and had modest hobbies. Stoic, he never complained. True gentleman.

Dad loved unreservedly. I think he was loved by so many because he improved so many lives. I’m heartbroken about losing my father and best friend, but I’m comforted by the fact that he had so many people who loved him and he loved them. This doesn’t change the fact that I want to call him or drop by with a Sonic Diet Coke, but I can’t. Pop, you’re in a better place. He is now alongside my Aunt Teresa, my grandparents Frank and Robbie, and many other family members.
Pop, I will always carry your legacy and stamp. I met my idol, unlike many.