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Joseph Jones Obituary, Nebraska, Omaha Target shooter ID’d as 32-year-old man

Joseph Jones Obituary, Death – An officer was able to put a stop to the active shooter incident that was taking place at a Target store in Omaha, Nebraska, by firing shots at the perpetrator and ultimately killing him. The authorities have come forth with the identity of the suspect. Joseph M. Jones, age 32, opened fire inside the establishment while armed with an AR-15-style weapon and thirteen loaded rifle magazines.

Jones fired a large number of shots throughout his attack. These were the weapons at his disposal. Officer Brian Vanderheiden, who has worked for the Omaha Police Department for the past two decades, is the suspect in the shooting death of Jones, according to reports. The statement released by the agency indicates that Vanderheiden has been placed on administrative leave that will result in financial compensation. A Cabela’s store was where Jones made the purchase approximately four days before the incident, as stated in the reports compiled by the Omaha police.

Images captured on Tuesday by law enforcement personnel using body cameras and security cameras were also made public after being released for public consumption. Officers from the Omaha Police Department responded to a report of an active shooter inside the Target store that is located near 178th Street and West Center Road at approximately 11:59 in the morning. The shop is located in the west center of Omaha. Jones was reportedly found inside the business by uniformed Omaha police officers and a state trooper who were on their way in. Jones was reportedly equipped with a gun.

Jones was allegedly given a number of clear and loud verbal directions, all of which directed him to put the weapon down, according to the cops. After then, an officer with the Omaha Police Department is said to have fired their service weapon, striking Jones and ultimately causing his death. This information comes from law enforcement. Fire personnel later declared Jones dead. At this point in time, the investigation is still being carried out.