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Willie Roux Obituary, Lodge Argyll 1548 SC Mourns, Willie Roux Death

Willie Roux Obituary, Death – We said our final goodbyes to Brother Willie Roux at the RMC meeting that took place today. It was our last opportunity to do so.

We did so with heavy hearts due to the fact that we are going to miss him a great deal. He was well-liked and esteemed by many people, and his absence will be severely felt by each and every one of them. Brother, in the years to come, people will talk about your legacy and ponder your name. This will continue to be the case for a very long time. Your legacy will live on forever. They will never forget your legacy and it will live on in their memories forever.

You have set out on a voyage to the Great Lakes Area in order to take part in the GLA and ride your motorcycle along the paths that lead to heaven. Your goal is to arrive in paradise. Your goal is to get to heaven in the lowest length of time that is humanly possible.
Until the next time we get the opportunity to meet face to face, I promise to continue to think of you and send positive energy your way. I pray that life treats you kindly and that it only ever offers you joy and contentment in its wake.