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San Diego Obituary, 1 Dead, 1 Injured in Bay Terraces Shooting

San Diego Obituary, Death – A homicide that occurred in the neighborhood of Bay Terraces, a shooting that occurred in the neighborhood of Encanto, and reports of shots fired in the neighborhood of Spring Valley are all the subjects of separate investigations being carried out by the San Diego police department at this very moment.

According to statements made by Lieutenant Wisniewski of the San Diego Police Department, the initial report of gunfire was made on Dovecrest Court in the neighborhood of Spring Valley. This information was provided by the San Diego Police Department. According to the report, the sound of gunfire was first heard around 8:00 p.m. The investigators found at least one spent shell casing at the scene of the crime, but they do not believe that anyone was injured.

After roughly an hour and a half had passed since the beginning of the incident, gunfire was heard along Manzana Way in Bay Terraces. As a direct consequence of this, two people were injured as a result of the incident. Upon arrival, the police discovered two victims; one had been shot in the head, and the other had been shot in the shoulder. Both victims had been killed by gunfire. Both victims had been struck by bullets during the attack. Both victims had holes in their bodies caused by bullet wounds. Officer Robert Heims of the San Diego Police Department has been reported as saying that the individual who passed away was being transported to a nearby hospital when they passed away. This information has been attributed to Officer Heims.

According to Heims, at approximately ten o’clock, two additional people were shot in the vicinity of a trolley stop at the intersection of 62nd Street and Akins Avenue. Some of the t-shirts that were strewn about the ground had blood on them from where it had been spilled on them. This is the most recent information that has become available, and it states that it is unknown as of eleven o’clock at night how severe the victim’s injuries are. According to reports from the San Diego Police Department, investigations are currently being conducted in order to determine whether or not the three incidents are connected to one another.