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MIichael Snyder Obituary MIichael Snyder Has Sadly Passed Away

MIichael Snyder Obituary, Death – Michael Snyder Obituary, On January 24, 2019, MICHAEL SNYDER, who had worked at BHS for many years as a teacher and had also served as an administrator, passed away at the age of 79.

He had served in both roles during his time at the school. He was a cherished part of the BHS student body and faculty. Both of those roles had been available to him throughout his time at the establishment, where he had worked previously. Both the student body at BHS and the faculty at the school held a very high regard for him.

In addition to that, he had prior experience working for the company in the capacity of administrator at an earlier point in time in the organization’s history. Some people might be surprised to learn that we have a lot of positive recollections of him despite the fact that he was the Assistant Principal at the school and was in charge of enforcing rules and regulations.

However, this is something that has always been the case. Despite this, we have always had a friendly relationship with him from the beginning of our time together. In spite of this, we continue to hold the belief that he conducted himself in a manner that was reasonable and fair throughout the entirety of the process. We shall never let Mr. Snyder leave our minds…