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Christine Ann Obituary, Christine Ann Has Sadly Passed Away

Christine Ann Obituary, Death- The patient who was being cared for at the Royal Adelaide Hospital on Monday, January 23, 2023, was unable to recover from their condition and passed away in the early hours of that day age of 74 years across the board in its totality and in its fullness in complete.

Beloved Spouse of Robert, who was forced to depart this world not too long ago due to circumstances beyond his control. She is held in the utmost regard by Dale and Rachel in their roles as mothers and mothers-in-law, as well as by Kellie and Andrew, who view her as a rare treasure and hold her in the highest regard in their respective roles.

A cherished grandma to Madison and Callum and Sarah, Bennett and Ezra, Miller and Aisha, as well as a great-grandmother to the same persons. Madison and Callum and Sarah are her grandchildren.

These three great-grandchildren belong to this woman, and they go by the names Lyla, Jyha, and Arlo. This grandmother is a great-grandmother to a total of three offspring.

A Memorial Service will be held in honor of Christine on Friday, February 3, 2023, at 11:00 am. All of her family and friends are invited to attend the service, which will be held in her honor. The ceremony will go forward as planned.

The funeral home that is owned and maintained by Fred J. Potter & Son is where the memorial service will be held. Oxide Street is the location of the funeral home.
Following the conclusion of the funeral service, the cremation will take place in a private area.