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Skyland Pinson Obituary, GoFundMe Charleston SC Skyland Pinson Died Car Accident

 Skyland Pinson Obituary, Death – Mrs. Sky, who was only 23 years old, passed away unexpectedly today, on the 26th of January. Skyland was a caring educator at Children’s Discovery Center.

She treated many of our students as if they were her own children, and she genuinely cared about their success. There has been a lot of interest expressed from people wanting to know how they can help her husband Joseph and their family. The entirety of the money that is raised will go toward supporting her as well as covering the costs of her husband’s funeral and medical care. In your prayers, please remember to say a prayer for Joseph and his family. In Loving Memory of the Wonderful Sky Above Us all.

I ask all of you who are close to me to pray for those who are suffering. At home, in other countries, in Ukraine, and even just across the street. Pinson, my dear Skyland Westbury, is a wonderful and wonderful example of the free spirit. Yesterday’s car accident claimed her life in a tragic way, and her family is in our thoughts and prayers as they deal with the aftermath. At the Charleston Children’s Discovery Center, she was known for her warm and compassionate teaching style. It was an honor for me to serve as her family’s pastor at Union United Methodist Church in Cope, South Carolina, for a period of twelve years.

Both Linda and I absolutely adored them, and they felt the same way about us. These words are meant to bring solace to those who knew her. When Sky was a young girl, her grandmother, Clara Ann Cope, came up to me and said, “Preacher Fred, one day Sky will be a scientist.” At the time, Sky was in the same room as me and was quietly studying something. She greeted her grandmother with the remark, “I’m already a little scientist, Grandmama.” One night, she and a young cousin performed a cappella version of “This Land” for the choir.

She had an obsession with Jesus and the Edisto River that exceeded mine to an even greater degree. My wife and I were out for a walk one day when we happened to be in the neighborhood of HER home in Cope. As we walked by their lightweight old iron fence, which had become crooked over the course of time and was full of personality, we laughed. The lovely old wooden home had a screen door on the back side that was open, and music could be heard coming from it. Linda was perplexed by the noise and asked, “What is that?” I responded to her, “Darling, that is not noise.” Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” is covered by Jimi Hendrix in this live performance. Thank you very much for enlightening us, Nicole.