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Roy Kilgore Obituary, Santa Maria CA Roy Kilgore Has Passed Away

Roy Kilgore Obituary, Death – In addition to being a wonderful father, brother, and friend, Roy Kilgore was an outstanding individual in and of himself. He was an exceptional human being in every way.

As a coach for the St. Joseph football team, he was well-known to a large number of players and spectators on the field. On the other hand, not many people were aware of the fact that he was a fervent supporter of the wrestling program at St. Joseph, which was a school in which he had previously taught. The program was established in 2010 by him and a number of other local farmers and community members who were interested in reintroducing the activity to their school. Even after his son Roman had finished the program, he remained committed to working toward the continuation and improvement of the course even after Roman had graduated.

He never misses an opportunity to check in with the team and show his support for them, whether it be during the regular season, the postseason, or the summer. We are grateful to him for his ongoing assistance, which has taken the form of an unidentified donation over the course of the past 12 years. It gives me great pleasure to report that the majority of our objectives were successfully completed with a perfect score. But most importantly, I make it a point to express my gratitude to him at every opportunity for assisting me in obtaining the position of Head Coach. He has informed me that you have this Coach as his equal and that there is no difference between the two of you in any way whatsoever.

When it comes to the process of establishing new objectives, having another person have faith in your capacity to accomplish them can serve as a potent source of inspiration and motivation.
Roy, you will be mourned, but you will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved you. We are grateful to you for the many conversations laughs, and support you have provided for us.
You should get used to the fact that this will be your squad for the foreseeable future.