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Mark Loewen Obituary, Has Died

Mark Loewen Obituary, Death – The news of Mark Loewen’s passing has left us feeling incredibly heartbroken and robbed. He had been a dedicated member of our volunteer group for a number of years, and we have felt cheated because of his passing.

Ridgepoint Church, which can be found in Northwest Wichita at 8000 West 21st Street, will be the location of his memorial services, which are scheduled to take place on January 28 at 10 AM. You are more than welcome to join us in honoring his life and are more than welcome to come participate in the festivities if you so desire. Notice to the Public of the Passing of Mark Loewen, along with his Obituary – The news of Mark Loewen’s demise has left us in a state of profound sadness due to the fact that he devoted such a sizeable percentage of his life,

both in terms of time and energy, to the service of our community over such a considerable span of time. The memorial services for him are going to be held on January 28 at 10 in the morning at Ridgepoint Church, which can be found at 8000 West 21st Street in the Northwest neighborhood of Wichita. If you would like to come celebrate his life with us and pay our respects, you are more than welcome to do so and we would be honored to have you join us in doing so. Mark Loewen’s parents, Ruby and Elvie Loewen, had already passed away before he was ever born,

therefore he was raised by his grandparents. Ruby and Elvie Loewen had died before Mark was even born. His surviving brothers are Jim Loewen, who resides in Wichita; Rick Loewen, who resides in Ocoee, Florida; and Don Loewen, who resides in North Aurora, Illinois. In the present day, Don Loewen may be found living in North Aurora, while Rick Loewen and Jim Loewen both make Ocoee, Florida, their place of residence. Jim Loewen is in charge of running the family business that has been in the Loewen family for generations in Wichita.