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Josh Yellon Obituary, Louisiana Athletic Trainers’ Association Mourns Death of Josh Yellon

Josh Yellon Obituary, Death – Josh Yellon has passed away on January 23, 2023. He was an athletic trainer who received a great deal of praise and admiration from people all around our state and the surrounding area. His reputation quickly expanded throughout the world. Because Josh took a sincere interest in his students, friends, and coworkers, and because he was so dedicated to the study of athletic training, he was able to make an indelible impression on all of these groups of individuals.

He was generous with both his sense of humor and his knowledge, and he was willing to impart either of those qualities to whoever had a requirement for them. Everyone who knew Yellen will remember her as someone who was consistently nice and kind, and they will miss her greatly. Yellen will be remembered as someone who was consistently kind and kind. Those TAs who feel they could benefit from getting further assistance at this time are highly encouraged to get in touch with the organization, as the organization urges all TAs to do. We have reached out to “ATs Care” for assistance in order to be of support to the individuals who are interested in making use of this wonderful service.

I pray that you, Josh, are able to find the peace that you so richly deserve and that you are comforted by the knowledge that we will never forget you. If you have been hurt in any manner over the course of the past year, please accept our deepest condolences for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are sorry that you have to deal with this situation. The previous year was particularly challenging, and we are clinging to the hope that the year 2023 would bring some relief from the misery and suffering that has been endured as a result of the experiences that have been gone through. As we look forward to the possibilities that the future year will provide for each of us, we want you to know that you are in our thoughts. Please take this as reassurance.