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Greg Clark Obituary, Greg Clark Has Sadly Passed Away

Greg Clark Obituary, Death – I’m sorry to have to break the news to you, but a close family friend named Greg Clark passed away recently. It is with a heavy heart that I share this information with you.

Last week, Greg, who had lived a full life and reached the age of 94 when he passed away, was able to pass away peacefully in his own bed. It has been close to two years since we last spoke to Rosalie, the beautiful woman who was married to Greg. They were married for an incredible combined total of 68 years and enjoyed those 68 years of marriage to one another to the fullest. My parents were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet Greg and Rosalie not long after I was born because they had just moved to Albany at the time. As a consequence of this, I have been acquainted with Greg for the length of my life. Because we considered Greg and Rosalie to be more than just friends, we commonly referred to them as our adopted grandparents. In point of fact, we thought of them as members of our very own family.

Greg was without a doubt the most talented man I will ever have the honor of knowing and having the pleasure of knowing. His many years of expertise working as a model builder and exhibit designer for the New York State Museum contributed to the high level of craftsmanship that he possessed. Although wood was most likely his medium of choice, he was able to construct anything out of any material. He was a master craftsman. He was capable of constructing practically whatever he set his mind to, from jewelry to musical instruments and everything in between.

Even his first house, which he built entirely by himself, he did all by himself. The only thing that could compete with his incredible command of traditional folk songs, storytelling, and recitations was his deep, booming voice. In this video, Greg performs a song that is among his many all-time favorites. In point of fact, as we become older, a good number of us are going to probably find ourselves wishing that we could “start over”… It would be a tremendous achievement for any one of us to have even one life even a tenth as full of friends, joy, and wonderful experiences as Greg did; yet, for Greg to have even one such life would be an incredible achievement. Despite the fact that it is still challenging for me to picture my life without Greg in it, I am confident that he was aware of the breadth and depth of our love for him.