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Dazani Robert Obituary, 19 Years-Old, Dazani Robert Has Sadly Passed Away

Dazani Robert Obituary, Death – PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The authorities were able to determine the name of the deceased person who had reached the age of 19 after discovering the body of the deceased person who had reached that age in the Cully neighborhood of Portland a week ago.

The deceased person had reached the age of 19 at the time of their passing. A bullet wound was determined to be the cause of death for Dazani Roberts, also known as Dazani Nathan, based on the findings of an autopsy that was performed on her body. Dazani Roberts was also known as Dazani Nathan. The examination of her body led to the discovery of this information. The study of the sequence of events that occurred before the death led to the discovery that this was the most likely explanation for what happened. After the shooting that took place in North Portland, a body was discovered in a vehicle that had been parked in the neighborhood immediately surrounding the crime scene. The occurrence was found in the North Portland neighborhood.

ANY CONTENT THAT IS RELATED TO THE Portland Police Bureau, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: There are speculations that a person was killed by a gunshot that was fired at an apartment in Portland, and according to these rumors, the shooting took place there. There are allegations that the shooting occurred at the residence. In addition to this, there are whispers that the apartment was the intended target of the gunfire. On Thursday, January 19, the Portland Police Department received a complaint regarding a shooting that had taken place at an apartment located at Northeast Prescott Street and Northeast 42nd Avenue. The location of the residence may be found on Northeast Prescott Street and Northeast 42nd Avenue. The complaint was submitted in the final moments before the clock struck midnight. Apartments may be found at the junction of Northeast Prescott Street and Northeast 42nd Avenue, which is where you can look for the one that you are looking for.

As a direct response to the complaints that have been made, officers from the Portland Police Department have been assigned to the neighborhood in issue in order to investigate the situation. The officers who responded to the call reported that Roberts had already passed away by the time they got at the location after the call had been placed. No arrests have been made. In order to get in touch with Detective Jason Koenig, you can send him an email at or give him a call at 503-823-0889. Anyone who even has the remotest inkling that they might know something about the murder is strongly encouraged to get in touch with him as soon as it is physically able to do so.

In addition, anyone who believes that they may have information on the murder is invited to get in touch with Detective William Winters by sending an email to or by phoning 503-823-0466. Both of these methods can be used to communicate with the detective. It is possible to communicate with the detective using either of these two approaches. The case number, which may be found in the format of 23-18018, should be written down as soon as possible. This is of the utmost importance. The investigation is still being carried out at this point in time, and it will continue to be carried out in the future as well.