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Charles Langlinais Obituary, Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais Has Passed Away

Charles Langlinais Obituary, Death – Langlinais persisted in making Broussard a city. He publicly feuded with politicians, particularly former Lafayette Mayor Joey Durel, to achieve his goals. “Some of his things made us laugh,” said city clerk Tina Emert. “Get it done now,” he’d say, and he’d get mad if we called and they said, “Hey, there’s a holdup,” “This is back-ordered,” or “You’ll have to wait.” ‘Call him back and explain who I am,’ he’d say. I need it now as mayor.” Langlinais gave Broussard 30+ years. Mayor from January 1991 to December 2018. Councilman from March 1987 to December 1990. Langlinais, a Broussard native, and Navy veteran sold real estate and surveyed land. Private hunting.

Langlinais grew Broussard fast. He got Home Depot, Walmart, Stine, and Albertsons to invest. He oversaw Albertson Parkway and Ambassador Caffery extension construction. “Charlie was very headstrong and very passionate about Broussard,” said city manager and public works director Mel Bertrand. “If right, he wouldn’t budge. Good and bad. He hated yielding. He protected Broussard at all costs.” Tuesday’s sleep-related death of Langlinais. Langlinais later developed kidney disease, according to friends. Mayor Ray Bourque has ordered city flags to fly at half-staff for seven days in honor of Langlinais’ community service.

Bourque calls Mayor Langlinais a city visionary. “He promoted Broussard’s development and investment. He excelled.” Langlinais and Bourque worked together from 2011–2018. Bourque ran for mayor after Langlinais declined reelection in 2018. Langlinais supported Broussard’s early 1990s property tax elimination to boost business. In 2011, he convinced voters to approve a half-cent recreation sales tax to build the Broussard Sports Complex at St. Julien Park. Langlinais offered $10 million in city funds to finish the Ambassador Caffery extension after the state declined. Langlinais sued the Durel administration for annexing land on the Ambassador Caffery extension and for an $825,000 water bill from a bypassed water meter. Charlie is remembered for acting “Bourque said. Divisive, he helped Broussard become a city.

25-year city employee Bertrand will never forget Langlinais’ laugh. Bertrand liked making Charlie laugh with jokes. “He nearly laughed. I occasionally made him laugh with jokes. He’d fall over laughing. Laughing with him.” 40-year Broussard employee Emert has fond memories of Langlinais. After mentioning Langlinais’ lighted hat, Emert gave the office one too. On Administrative Professionals Day, his wife served a seven-course meal on her best china. Charlie was great, Emert.” Durel declined. His wife, two children, and grandchild survive Langlinais. Arranging a funeral.