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Athanasia Trifylli Obituary, Athanasia Trifylli Has Passed Away

Athanasia Trifylli Obituary, Death – In the majority of communities, people knew you by the name Athanasia Triphylli. You were known all over the world. From the beginning of time till the end of time, you will be and always have been my mother.

You vanished without a trace one morning, and now there is no record of your presence anywhere on the surface of the world. Adjusting to a world in which I can no longer hear your voice is going to be a very challenging endeavor for me. You are currently placed in the Homeland, whilst I am at this same moment situated in the Diaspora. I am going to miss the ability to listen to your complaints about how infrequently I communicate with you because I am going to miss having the chance to do so. I’m going to miss how anytime someone calls you, they always check in with you by asking, “Are you okay?” and I know that’s going to be something I’m going to miss. That is something I won’t get used to. That is not something to which I will ever become used.

Have you had some wonderful things to wear? What do you consider to be the most accurate approach to characterize the eating plan that you stick to? The only thing that has been able to provide me any kind of peace throughout all of this has been watching how happy you are to see Georgia once more. It has been the only thing that has been able to bring me any kind of solace. Think back to all of the good times we had together enjoying the holidays before God took you from us. Recall all of the wonderful times that we shared together. At this time, there are so many living things that occupy the skies that it is rather difficult to mention any of them because it is impossible to name them all.

However, it is feasible to mention some of the living entities that inhabit the heavens. We shall say our goodbyes to you on Thursday, February 4, at ten in the morning at the Holy Church of Agios Ioannou Baptists. Please join us there. The event in question will take place on February 14, often known as Valentine’s Day (N8 0LY). At the evacuation service that you have planned, the Most Reverend Nikitas, Archbishop of Thyatira and Great Britain, will serve as the presider. You have given me the authority to handle this duty. Immediately following the conclusion of the service, the funeral procession will leave for the Sewardstone Park Cemetery in order to carry out the interment of the deceased (E4 7RJ). The Parish and Community of Agios John the Baptist will receive any contributions that have been made in your honor. You are able to make these contributions by wiring money to the bank account of the Parish and Community of Agios John the Baptist, which may be located at (Sort Code: 20-01-58 / Account No: 93008916).