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Tom Underwood Obituary, Plymouth nh baseball coach has passed away

Tom Underwood Obituary, Death – The Winnisquam Baseball Family was informed of the passing of New Hampshire Baseball Legend and former Plymouth High School Coach Tom Underwood this afternoon. Underwood was a member of the Winnisquam Baseball Family. The family was left in a condition of profound melancholy as a result of hearing this news. Coach Underwood was a remarkable individual who excelled as a teacher and a guide, in addition to being an incredible friend to all.

As a result of his more than 500 career victories, he is considered to be the most successful coach in the annals of high school baseball in the state of New Hampshire. So long, Coach. As a result of recent happenings, the New Hampshire baseball community is in a state of grief today. Tom Underwood was a fantastic coach who lived in Plymouth.

When we heard of his passing, we were filled with sadness. It is impossible to overstate the magnitude of his impact on the personal and professional lives of baseball players, student-athletes, and coaches, as well as on the community at general. During this trying time, the Underwood family as well as everyone involved in the Plymouth Baseball Community are in our thoughts and prayers.

Have some rest, you’re the coach. It is always a pleasure to work beside Coach Underwood on the sidelines of the game. It was widely believed that he and Coach Burns were the two top baseball coaches in the state of New Hampshire. Being able to watch them both at the same time was like being a spectator at a historical event.