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Shane Pennington Obituary, 1 dead after small plane crashes on south side of Indianapolis

Shane Pennington Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, emergency services are conducting an investigation following the crash of a single-engine aircraft on the south side of Indianapolis. At approximately 3:45 p.m., local law enforcement reported that a collision occurred along a railroad in the 4100 block of Weaver Avenue, close to the intersection of Shelby Street and Edwards Avenue.

According to IMPD, there was one person on board the plane when it crashed. The identification of the victim has not been confirmed by the police in any way, shape, or form.
It is unknown what caused the collision or whether or not anyone else was involved in it.

In the residential neighborhood, there were dozens of witnesses who saw the collision happen. Tina Thompson reported that she was exiting her place of employment at the time when she saw a plane crashing out of the sky.

“I am still shaken up,” she stated. There were no flames to be seen. There was only a really loud boom. It fell at a 45-degree angle to the ground. There was no spinning; it was just going down nose first.

After the collision, Thompson and some neighbors went to provide assistance but reported that the damage was too extensive.

Following the collision, a local viewer of 13News who lives in the region uploaded video showing debris in his neighborhood.

In addition, members of the cross-country team from the University of Indianapolis were in the vicinity and witnessed what took place.

“We were thinking, ‘Oh my gosh.’ According to Liam Arthur, “we couldn’t determine if it was landing or not.”

According to John Rushton, “It seemed to be going way too low to the earth, and it was going way too quickly.”

It appeared to be an angle of approximately 45 degrees. According to Blake Ellis, it was moving very much in a downward direction while also swaying a little bit.

The investigation to discover what caused the crash is being taken up by the Federal Aviation Administration at this time.

According to Shelly Salem, the airplane landed close to her backyard. On Tuesday night, when she returned home from her job, she saw fragments of the jet strewn all around her residence.