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Russ Phillips Obituary, Toronto Firefighters War Veterans Association Mourns Veteran Russ Phillips Death

Russ Phillips Obituary, Death – Our hearts are heavy because of the passing of Russ Phillips, who was not only one of our Veterans but also the individual who had worked for our organization for the longest period of time. Russ had the longest tenure with our company, and he was the one who held the record for the most total hours worked.

We are sorry to be the ones to deliver the unfavorable news to you. It is my honest hope and prayer, Brother Phillips, that you may one day be in a position to lead a life that is defined by a sense of contentment. I pray that this will be possible for you. Gone but not forgotten! On January 18, 2023, at the age of one hundred, Russell, a retired Captain from the Toronto Fire Department and a veteran of World War II, passed away in a calm and serene manner.

He had served his country honorably during the war. During the entirety of the war, he served in the armed forces. During the conflict, he distinguished himself by carrying out his responsibilities to his country in an exemplary manner. He had served in the armed forces for all of the time that they had been engaged in the combat that they were fighting.

Sarah, who had been a devoted wife to him during the whole of their 69-year marriage, divorced him before he did (Sally). His departure will bring about a great deal of heartache for his entire family, and in particular for his daughter Patricia Irons and his son Tom (Margaret), as well as for his grandchildren Jennifer Hunter (John) and Alison Backer (Andrew), as well as for his great-grandchildren Braeden, Kaeley, Elliot, and Seth. His nieces and nephews, in addition to his friends, will think of him fondly whenever they reflect on the past or the future, and they will look up to him as a model to emulate in their own lives.