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Emily Brungardt Obituary Sheffield Lake Ohio, Mother of two has passed away

Emily Brungardt Obituary, Death – A tragic accident has resulted in the passing of Emily Brungardt, a bartender and mixologist who resided in Sheffield Lake, Ohio. On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, it was determined that she had passed away. She is a mother of two, and the news of her passing has rendered both her and her children completely bewildered and overwhelmed with sorrow.

In spite of this, since the terrible event that occurred, Emily’s friends have been a source of solace for the children during this tough time of loss. Emily Brungardt held the positions of bartender and mixologist at the establishment known as “BDUBS” (Buffalo Wild Wings), where she was employed. She was certainly in the top tier of those available. “dear friend, this was one of the cruelest moves in the game, and it hurt me so badly!!!! Quan Coston laments, “i’m very sorry about everything ne I love you Em, rest peacefully,” as he mourns the demise of his friend Emily.

Emily was familiar with the recipe for the ideal drink to prepare in order to aid relax and unwind after an arduous and taxing day. She was quite skilled in her field of work. Emily had a tremendous amount of love for her children. She placed a high value on family and consistently put in additional effort to ensure that her children had the very best opportunities in life. Emily attended classes at the Lorain County Community College in Ohio for her education.

In a proclamation, the sheriff’s specialization said, “Emily brungardt, you will be constantly missed, however you will always be remembered.” “To Emily Brungardt and all of her friends and colleagues, we extend our deepest respect, prayers, thoughtful considerations, and sympathies,”