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Elmer Duellman Obituary, Wisconsin, Elmer Duellman Has Passed Away

Elmer Duellman Obituary, Death – Wisconsin – Elmer Duellman, a resident of Fountain City, Wisconsin, lost his fight against illness and passed away in the company of his family at the house that he had called his own. Hilarion (Piggy) and Anna (Hoeppner) Duellman welcomed their son into the world on June 21 in the residence in Fountain City that they had occupied for a considerable amount of time.

Bernadette Konter was there for the wedding on the 27th of October, 1962, which took place that year. Elmer was a self-employed merchant who had lived in Fountain City for the all of his life. Elmer’s Auto Salvage, Elmer’s Sales and Service, Bernie’s Bargains, River Raceways, and Elmer’s Auto & Toy Museum were some of the joint ventures that he and Bernadette oversaw and managed as a business partnership. Bernadette was never far from Elmer’s side at any time. It was impossible to be around him without catching some of his infectious excitement for antiques, collectibles, and motor racing, and he took great pleasure in conversing with others about all facets of his activities.

Bernadette, his wife of 56 years, and six of their children, Les (Patti) Duellman, Rick (Peggy) Duellman, Brad (Jeanette Punches) Duellman, Melissa (Craig) Baker, Eric (Chelsey) Duellman, and Amanda McKitty; 14 grandkids. He was preceded in death by his parents, Lester and Bernice Duellman. Hilary, Danica (Joe), Dorisa, Alexis, Andrew, Natalie, Izabella, Brittany, Brandon, Kate, Elizabeth, Suzanne, Brittany, Izabella, His parents, two stepmothers named Eleanor and Ella, brothers Tom, Robert, and an infant brother named Joseph, sisters Helen Gabrick and Ethel Schuth, numerous in-laws, a niece, some nephews, and a much-loved member of the family named Tina Eveslage all passed away before him.

He was deeply mourned by all of his surviving family members. On Friday, August 2, from one in the afternoon until eight in the evening, there will be a gathering to remember the life of Elmer at Elmer’s Auto and Toy Museum. This gathering is being held in his honor. Come and get together with Elmer’s family and friends so that you may visit, have some fellowship, and enjoy some of the things that Elmer enjoyed the most, such as a root beer from the Lakeview Drive-Inn with ice cream.