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Daqwuan Walker Obituary, Residence Of Gray Daqwuan Walker Has Sadly Passed Away

Daqwuan Walker Obituary, Death – The Lake County Coroner’s Office was able to successfully determine the identity of the victim of a homicide that took place early on Wednesday morning in the 500 block of Chase Street. The homicide took place in the early morning hours of Chase Street. The occurrence occurred in the very early morning hours of the day.

The office of the coroner discovered at the scene of the collision that Daqwuan Walker, 23, from Gary, had passed dead as a result of the accident. Walker was found by the office at the scene of the collision. Before he left, he was injured by a number of gunshots and, as a consequence, had a tremendous lot of suffering as a result of his injuries.

The neighborhood police were called to the scene at 7:41 in the morning after a warrant was first obtained. The reports that had been received up to that point stated that there had been a shooting earlier in the morning. According to the statement made by the police lieutenant who oversaw the investigation, Walker was apparently discovered by the police officers who responded to the call when they arrived outside of the premises in question.

Westerfield claims that the authorities were notified that the suspects had left the area on foot and that this information was provided to the authorities. Westerfield also claims that this information was sent to the authorities. Westerfield also claims that this information was given to the police and that they are investigating. The police sent out a K-9 unit, which started a track, which finally led them to several people of interest who were hiding out in a house not too far away from the location where the crime had taken place.