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Carolyn Herrington Obituary, BMDMI Co-Founder, Carolyn Herrington Has Died.

Carolyn Herrington Obituary, Death – BMDMI co-founder Carolyn Herrington died. We’re sad to say goodbye to her. She died January 25, 2023. Author Carolyn Herrington. Hearing the name evokes thoughts of a life dedicated to God. She left her family to serve in a distant country as a young mother. She reassured her children everyday till they adjusted to Honduras.

As a woman, she must have felt pushed in many directions, like many female missionaries today: keeping her home safe for her family, feeling God’s call to minister to Hondurans, keeping her business skills current, and driving over the highlands in unsafe cars. She prioritized making her home a safe place for her family. She lived a God-pleasing life despite everything. Nearly 50 years after her death, Hondurans testified about her ministry and its influence. Pastors and congregations in distant mountains and villages fondly remember her service.
Many Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International personnel, board members, and volunteers only know Carolyn Herrington.

They know her legacy but not her sacrifices. Her obedience to God rescued tens of thousands of lives. She endured, celebrated, and learnt for God her whole life. She created BMDMI. BMDMI seeks missionaries for Nicaragua, Guatemala, Nepal, and Honduras. These countries are building new churches, Christian schools, and shelters for abused children and women. Bible institutes train youth to become pastors, Sunday school teachers, and women’s ministry directors in local churches. Our hospital offers hope for greater health and longer life. We can now serve as short-term missionaries in these countries for one week, following her example.

Many long-term staff members will remember Carolyn’s influence and testimonials. We shall miss her, but we can take comfort in the thought that she was with our Lord when she died. Lovely gal. She must feel immense joy, rest, and serenity knowing she is in His presence and will be reunited with her beloved husband, Charlie. Carolyn, thanks for setting an example. We appreciate your advice and love. We shall love and miss you forever. We hope to always honor God in our work and service at BMDMI. You make our lives better. She is praying for her family. As service arrangements are revealed, we will inform you.