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Scott Grier Obituary Victoria BC, Man finds out the death of his son after googling it

Scott Grier Obituary, Death – Glen Grier, who lives in Stony Plain, Alberta, wished to wish his son a happy birthday through the medium of a message. Scott Grier, who was 36 years old at the time, had been living on the streets in Victoria, British Columbia, and his father hadn’t heard from him in some time. Last week, he made a revelation that is likely every parent’s worst fear: he discovered through a Google search that his child had passed away and had done so for the preceding eight months. This news came to him last week.

Grier explained his train of thought by saying, “It got me thinking, nobody notified me so maybe it’s not him, maybe it’s somebody else.” The life of Scott was not an easy one. He battled drugs and went through periods of homelessness during his life. In 2019, he relocated from Edmonton to Victoria, but he made sure to see his family at least once every few months.

Grier stated that Scott did not always have a phone, which made it difficult for family members to get in touch with him. As a result, they waited for Scott to get in touch with them. Grier realized a week ago that it had been far too long since he had any communication with his son. He wished for Scott to be able to communicate with his daughter, who is currently being looked for by Grier and his wife, Michelle. Scott’s daughter is seven years old.

Grier, who at times became overcome with grief while chatting with Global News, referred to his son as a fun-loving individual who has an independent spirit. Grier looked up his son’s name online on January 18, which was Scott’s birthday, just like he had done in the past when he was trying to get in touch with him. “Right under that is his obituary,” Grier said. “Right on top was the missing persons (report) that we conducted in 2020, where they successfully found him… and right under that is his eulogy.”

Grier stated that the posting was empty with the exception of a name, birth date, and the information that Scott had passed away on May 16, 2022. Grier learned that his son’s identity had been confirmed by fingerprints the following day after speaking with the police, the coroner, and the funeral home. Grier’s son had been cremated and buried in Victoria’s Hatley Memorial Gardens cemetery eight months before to this incident.