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Lucy Martinez Obituary, Activity Directors for Stagg Restaurants have passed away.

Lucy Martinez Obituary,  Death – We would like to express our deepest condolences to Lucy Martinez’s family and friends on the loss of one of our most cherished activity directors, Lucy Martinez, who passed away earlier this week. Lucy Martinez worked for us for many years, and we will miss her deeply. Lucy Martinez was a beloved member of this community who will be sorely missed by all who knew her. As part of her responsibilities as an activities director, she was in charge of ensuring that the young people who lived in the communities that were located within close proximity to our restaurants had a weekly activity in which they could participate.

This was one of her responsibilities. In addition to that, she participated in events like Family Fun Night, Camp Mickey D’s, McTeacher’s Night, and Family Dinners. She also went camping at Mickey D’s. She went above and beyond in terms of hospitality, and there is no question that the level of dedication she had to both her job and her community in order to accomplish this goal is beyond reproach.

Lucy was recognized as the most deserving candidate for the position of Crew Person of the Year in the United States in both 2005 and 2006. This honor was bestowed upon her in recognition of the significant contribution that she made. Long after she had officially retired, she continued to make trips back to her old workplace in order to catch up with her friends and former coworkers. Lucy will be remembered at McDonald’s not only for the positive influence she had on her coworkers, customers, and even her own family but also for the positive influence she had on others in the community. Despite the fact that she will be greatly missed, Lucy will be remembered at McDonald’s not only for these things.