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Gordon Miller Obituary, Retired Staff Sergeant Of #2448 Has Died

Gordon Miller Obituary, Death – Gordon Miller passed away on January 21, 2023, at Bluewater Health, and our hearts are heavy as we share the news with you. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Wendy, who had been by his side for the previous 57 years, will carry on his legacy after his death. He is the father of three children: Tabitha (Gary), Peter (Marie), and John, all of whom bring him great joy (Jennifer). Lauren, Madison, Luke, William, Oceane, and Eloise all hold him in high regard as their grandfather.

Wendy’s extended family members who have survived this ordeal include Wendy’s brother-in-law John Orr, Wendy’s special cousin Joyce Wilson and her family, and Wendy’s extended relatives. His grandparents, John and Letha (1944), his parents, John and Letha (1963), his sister Marlene (2007), and his in-laws, Paul and Gwen (1971), all died before he did (2010). Gordon spent his entire life in the town of Seaforth, Ontario, and he never missed an opportunity to express how much he enjoyed living there.

He had served with the Ontario Provincial Police for a total of 31 years. He began his military career at Espanola before being transferred to Gore Bay and assigned to the Sombra Detachment. He served as the staff sergeant and commander of the Sombra Detachment until his retirement. He decided to pursue a new line of work in the Sarnia real estate market after enjoying his retirement for several years. He was modest, but he helped many people both on and off the job. He was always willing to help.

He will be remembered for his generosity, unconditional love for his family, and concern for those in his immediate surroundings. He will also be remembered for his concern for the people in his immediate vicinity. Gordon was bitten by the travel bug early in life, and he made it a point to visit every province in Canada, as well as destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, and Florida, on an annual basis. He also had a lot of fun regularly beating his friends at cribbage, which he found quite entertaining. Lindsay, Don,

John, Andrew, and Dick, his caregivers, would also like to express their heartfelt gratitude. They’ve taken great care of him. Please accept our gratitude and thank them on their behalf. It is now appropriate to declare the cremation procedure complete. Gordon’s life will be remembered at a memorial service on Thursday, January 26, 2023, at the Smith Family Centre in Sarnia, located at 1576 London Line. The service will take place between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon.