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Francine King Obituary, Francine King, Has Passed Away

Francine King Obituary, Death – Francine Anne King, age 62, of Ernon Township, Pennsylvania, passed away on Friday, December 26, 2014, at her home with her cherished children by her side. She was born on December 26, 1954. Her birthplace was in the state of Pennsylvania. Ernon Township is where she was born and raised. She was brought into this world by her parents, Louis and Anna (née Elia) Avolio, on February 17, 1952, in Paterson, New Jersey. The year was 1952. Her parents were Louis and Anna (née Elia).

She spent the better part of four decades in Vernon Township, which is known for its beauty and reverence, as her home. During that period, she was able to raise her family there. In the year 2001, Francine, her daughter Jennifer, and a number of their close friends all graduated from the Art of Teaching program at Marygrove College with a Master of Arts degree in Teaching. The program was named after Marygrove College’s former name, the Marygrove College of Education. Working at Rolling Hills School for more than 15 years,

during which she was able to work toward that objective, allowed her to realize her lifelong goal of becoming a teacher. This allowed her to complete the goal that she had carried with her throughout her whole life. During that time, she developed deep relationships not just with the pupils she taught but also with the other members of the staff, whom she eventually came to think of as family. During this time, she also formed close relationships with her students.

She was a devoted supporter of a number of organizations that raised money for children’s cancer charities and a fundraiser for a variety of charities that raised money for children’s cancer. Others began to refer to her as a “professional volunteer” because of the amount of time and effort she put into her children’s extracurricular activities. Because Francine placed a high priority on both her immediate community and her country, she was able to serve the needs of both with distinction.

Because of this, she was able to provide assistance to those who were struggling and offer her complete attention to every young person with whom she interacted. The year 2010 marked the passing of her husband, James F. King, who subsequently took her with him to the afterlife. She leaves behind her devoted children Jennifer Hansen, James F. King Jr., and Janelle King, all of whom reside in Vernon, New Jersey; her adored grandchildren Mary Catherine, Samuel, Anna,

Isabella, James, and Paul Thomas; as well as her mother Anna Avolio and her brother Louis Avolio, both of whom reside in Little Falls, New Jersey. She is also survived by her beloved grandchildren Mary Catherine, Samuel, Anna, Isabella, James, and Paul Thomas. In addition, she is survived by her devoted grandchildren Mary Catherine, Samuel, Anna, Isabella, James, and Paul Thomas. Mary Catherine, Samuel, Anna, Isabella, and James also survive her. Also, she is a It was already too late for her father, Louis Avolio, to be with her when she passed away.

Holy Counselor Lutheran Church, which can be found in Sussex, New Jersey at 68 Sand Hill Rd., will be open for guests to visit beginning at nine in the morning on Monday, December 29. The church’s hours of operation are as follows: This will start at nine in the morning and continue until the start of services at eleven in the morning. After that, the funeral and burial will take place at the Glenwood Cemetery in Vernon, New Jersey, both of which will immediately follow each other.