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Brent Bethers Obituary Bountiful Utah, Brent Bethers has passed away

Brent Bethers Obituary, Death – On Thursday, January 19, 2023, at the age of 49, Brent Bethers passed away due to circumstances that were completely unforeseen. In Wilmington, Delaware, on September 10, 1973, Brent was brought into the world by his parents, Pratt Gordon and Myrla Vee Bethers. Brent and his family relocated to Pocatello, Idaho, in 1979, and it was there that he developed very strong relationships with his maternal grandparents and cousins.

Brent was a naturally talented athlete who excelled at a variety of sports at an early age. Some of the sports in which he excelled were soccer, baseball, skiing, and golf. The basis of his profound affection for nature was laid during his time spent participating in the Scouting program, during which he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

Brent was a people person from the beginning of his life and never had any trouble establishing friends, including a large number of “best-friendships.” Before he had even reached junior high school, Brent had developed into such a social butterfly that his mother was forced to install a second phone line in the house. This was done so that Brent’s phone talks would not prevent anyone else from using the phone.

When Brent was in his early teenage years, he began working for his stepfather Mel, who was responsible for maintaining the family’s rental units and cars. It was during this time that Brent developed his extraordinary home building and auto repair talents. Because Brent consistently exhibited a high level of reliability and maturity, Mel allowed him to operate a work vehicle on a regular basis… long before Brent was legally permitted to obtain a driver’s license.

Following his graduation from Pocatello High School in 1991, Brent received a scholarship and enrolled in the summer session of classes at Brigham Young University. After spending a year at the university, he put his outgoing attitude to work by starting a pest treatment business in the San Francisco Bay area and selling his services door-to-door. After that, he attended the University of Utah, which ultimately caused the color of his blood to change from blue to red.

In January 1993, Brent made his first introduction to Brenda Shumway, and he immediately began courting her by bringing her an enormous arrangement of exquisite flowers. They continued their romance throughout the subsequent couple of years and eventually got married in Pocatello, Idaho, in June of 1995. They were subsequently sealed in the Salt Lake Temple after their marriage.

Brent moved to Rock Springs, Wyoming, where he worked once more for his stepfather to learn how to build new homes. Along the way, his skills in building and his desire to utilize his head and hands to solve issues and produce something tangible drove him to make the move. After that, Brent and Brenda made the move to Pocatello, Idaho, where Brent fulfilled a need for his mother by taking over management of many rental properties for a period of time.

Because of his innate ability to easily make friends with new people, he decided to go back into sales. This time, he settled in Boise, Idaho, where he worked in sales for the telecom industry and the mortgage banking industry.

The family expanded with the birth of three kids while they were living in Boise: Cameron in 2001, Chase in 2003, and Ethan in 2005. The fact that Brent could pass on his enthusiasm for athletics to his own children brought him great joy. Throughout his boys’ youth soccer careers, he remained active in the sport by participating in adult leagues and assisting as a coach for their teams.

In addition, Brent improved his golfing abilities and developed a passion for the game, which led him to start competing in events in the area. Throughout his adult life, he maintained his advanced level of skiing ability, and he particularly relished the opportunity to hit the slopes with his brothers, sons, nieces, nephews, and friends.

Brent’s passion for fishing, yellow Labrador Retrievers, and fast cars intensified as he matured into an adult. He had a good time fishing at Driggs, Idaho, as well as in Alaska. Kenai is the name he gave to his dog after the river in Alaska that is his favorite place to fish. Brent’s go-to option for a fast car has always been an Audi. Over the years, he has owned multiple Audis and has modified each one to better its driving performance and push the boundaries of engineering and physics. Because of their interest in modifying automobiles, all three of Brent’s brothers now drive customized Audis.

In 2010, Brent and Brenda relocated their family to Bountiful, Utah, where Brent ultimately started his own construction firm, combining his passion of meeting new people through sales with his love of utilizing his brains and hands to make things. He became licensed as a general contractor and has spent the past few years finding fulfillment in the fields of residential remodeling and new building development.

The things that provided Brent the most happiness in life were sharing those experiences with his sons and nephews. Cameron and Chase both felt inspired to answer the call to serve full-time missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after receiving encouragement and support from Brent. Cameron served in full-time capacities in both the country of Guatemala and the city of Baltimore, Maryland. And Chase is currently stationed in the city of Ventura, in the state of California.

Above all else, Brent was recognized for his genuine friendliness, his optimistic attitude, his ability to talk to people from all walks of life, and, ultimately, as a someone that people could trust and wanted to spend time with. He put his abilities to good use for others in the course of his professional life as well as in the course of his pastimes. He was always willing to lend a hand to his neighbors, friends, and family members who needed assistance with automobile and home repairs.

Shortly after a wonderful morning of skiing with family at one of his favorite locations, Grand Targhee, Brent suffered a sudden and unexpected heart attack, which ultimately led to his death. His numerous friends and relatives have expressed how much they already miss having him around.

He is survived by his wife Brenda as well as his sons Cameron (who is married to Talee), Chase, and Ethan; his brothers Pratt (who is married to Cindy), Mark (who is married to Jenae), and Brooks (who is married to Amy); and by a number of cherished cousins, nieces, nephews, and in-laws. He passed away on April 15, 2019. His grandparents, Pratt and Jeanne Bethers, as well as Knowlin and Bertha Hansen, passed away before he was born. His parents, Pratt Gordon and Myrla Vee Bethers, were the first members of his family to pass away.

On Saturday, February 4, 2023, at eleven in the morning, funeral services will be performed in the LDS Chapel, which is located at 585 East Center Street in Bountiful, Utah. A viewing will be held on Friday evening from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Russon Mortuary located at 295 North Main in Bountiful, Utah. Another viewing will be held on Saturday morning from 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. at the church prior to the services. Friends and family members will be present at both viewings. The Bountiful City Cemetery will be the location of the interment.

Both the Russon Brothers Mortuary Facebook page and this obituary page will be streaming the services live with a live video feed.