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Kenneth Infante Obituary Carrollton TX, Assistant Principal Of NSHS Has Died

Kenneth Infante Obituary, Death – Kenneth Infante, a greatly liked classmate of ours and the current Assistant Principal at NSHS, passed away yesterday under mysterious circumstances. The previous weekend he had suffered a stroke, and he passed away the day after it was discovered that he had died the day after it was discovered that he had died. On the previous weekend, he had been admitted to the hospital, and he remained there until the following weekend when he was discharged. When we initially met him, he had already been a member of our community for a sizeable amount of time before he was introduced to us.

He had been admitted to the hospital the previous weekend, and he remained there until the next weekend when he was eventually discharged from the facility. He had been there since the weekend before. He was let go from the service. Kimberly Lundberg, his very best friend, is currently putting the finishing touches on a legacy book that she is writing for the benefit of his daughter, Collyns, and she is in the process of doing it right now. After Collyns’s grandfather passes away, the book will be handed down to him. She is currently working on the book with the goal of delivering it to his daughter as a present once it is finished. You might send her an email or leave a comment on the original blog entry, which is displayed down below for your perusal.

You have the option of doing one of the following two things if you would like to talk about some of the best times you spent with Kenny with the rest of the community: If you are interested in taking part in this activity, please indicate your interest by leaving a comment on the article that she initially published on her website. You are free to choose either of these two alternatives based on the priorities that you have laid out for yourself. I am grateful. I am thinking about each and every member of his family as well as his friends right at this very time, and I am sending hugs and positive thoughts in their general direction. I can’t help but wonder what he must be going through right now.