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Leeds tragic crash

Leeds tragic crash: Funeral appeal raises £17,000

Leeds tragic crash – The family of a mother and daughter who were killed when they were hit by a car has made a heartfelt appeal for financial aid in order to get the bodies of their loved ones back to Poland. The mother and daughter both passed dead after being hit by the car.

According to the police, Justyna Hulboj, who was 27 years old, and Lena Czepczor, who was four years old, were both walking down Scott Hall Road in Leeds on Monday when they were struck by an Audi TTRS. Justyna Hulboj had died from her injuries, and Lena Czepczor had died from her injuries.

Two males have been detained on suspicion of causing a tragic accident by driving carelessly, and they have been brought into jail.

It was announced on Wednesday that donations to a charity event that was being arranged by Justyna’s brother Mateusz had crossed the $17,000 mark, bringing the total amount raised to $20,000.

According to a message that Mr. Hulboj published on their GoFundMe website, Justyna and Lena were in the process of going to their nursery school when the accident occurred with them as a participant.

The police suspect that a grey BMW 135i was following the car and attempting to stop it when the incident occurred at approximately 08:30 GMT.

According to Mr. Hulboj, “their death came suddenly and unexpectedly, the family is not ready for it,” and as a result, “they need financial help to organize the transport from Leeds to Poland and the burial of these two Angels.” The funeral will take place in Poland. It is our mission to ensure that these two wonderful souls are allowed to pass away with the respect they deserve so that they may find everlasting peace.

The fundraising drive had already achieved more than 17,000 pounds by the morning of Wednesday, with 20,000 pounds being the ultimate objective.

Two males, one aged 26 and the other aged 34, have been seized on suspicion of two charges of causing death by dangerous driving, and they have been taken into jail as a result of these allegations. Since that time, the individual who is now 34 years old has been released on bail pending the outcome of more investigations.

A woman in her 65th year was taken into custody on the assumption that she was assisting a criminal. She was eventually freed on bond after clearing her name.

The authorities are asking for anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who may be driving and have film from a dashcam to get in touch with them.